Why Us

At Cliff Dwellers consulting, we specialize in litigation data management. We prepare your company for the threat of legal action so that your data can be shared yet protected. We accomplish this by allowing content the freedom it needs to facilitate collaborative teamwork, targeted management, and efficient customer service while simultaneously building in safety mechanisms to restrict data for “need to know” access.

Our extensive experience lends us the foresight to anticipate and mitigate challenges before they become problems. We begin by surveying your business with an eye towards your goals. We then establish a detailed roadmap to create solutions for your existing needs and redefine processes to take advantage of identified opportunities. We understand the technologies that effect and influence your data. We have a history of helping clients identify the specific content requirements and technology applications that provide the greatest business benefit.

As an acknowledged thought leader and innovator in content management, we have the ideas and the track record to help your business prepare for and respond to legal action. We are experienced in regulatory compliance, electronic discovery, legal hold, internal investigations, file share analysis, storage optimization, information security and privacy.

Contact us to learn how Cliff Dwellers can help you protect and realize the possibilities for your data.

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