Impact on relationships with the following:

  • Customers
    •       Customer Care information
    •       Invoicing / VSOE
  • Share Holders/Owners
    •       Intellectual Capital
  • Federal and State Regulations
    •       Taxes
    •       Compensation
    •       HIPAA, SOX.
  • Auditors
    •       Internal Audit/Independent Audit: Determine fraud
  • Employees
    •       Executive compensation, Immigration, Job performance, Discrimination, harassment, Stock options, etc.




The Framework



The Solution

  • Automated enforcement of policies, to ensure that only files within active retention periods exist on the storage system, It would preserve those files to prevent spoilage, and so that new files are preserved on an ongoing basis.
  • No impact on users - If users are required to change their workflow, they will not use the solution.
  • Deployable in phases - Look for the solutions that don't have to have the entire enterprise coverage before beginning to work. As well, can easily migrate from simple monitoring (just audit) to active control (enforced policy).
  • Defensible Audit - The solution needs to be forensically sound by maintaining traceability of data and events. The reports and records that point to documents and the process of records recording should be straightforward and easy to deliver. In so doing, it should be present files in a native format, while maintaining file integrity. 

The Master Plan